Italy Abroad Program



Paolo Marenco: Chairman of "La Storia nel Futuro"

The idea of Vincenzo to bring American students in Tour in Italy for one month is great. His spirit is the same of the project, Voyage of Discovery June 2009, when I met Vincenzo student together with other 35 selected young Italian Americans, guiding them in a Northern Italy Trip. The inspiration of that magic tour made Vincenzo launch the "Italy Abroad Program". Who loves Italy like Vincenzo can give the best mix of Italian beauties and flavours to new comers, whichever age. I strongly support Vincenzo's Project, you will enjoy and never forget that trip! I wait for you all in Italy. Paolo Marenco Chairman La Storia nel Futuro

Rebecca Z.

"My experience in Florence was so different from what I had originally expected.  It was my first time studying abroad and traveling on my own, and I thought I was going to end up lost somewhere.  The people in Florence were so friendly, the city was vibrant and fun, and the teachers at Istituto Michelangelo were so dedicated and helpful.  Vince organized it perfectly and prepared an impressive itinerary.  This experience taught me a lot about a different culture, and I definitely will be back in Florence soon!"

Brittani M.

"I had such a fun time in Florence!  Vince was super organized and helpful during the entire planning process.  He helped us all feel very comfortable being in a foreign country for a whole month!  From start to finish, the trip was great and I really enjoyed visiting everything in our itinerary."

Camille H.

My experience abroad with Vince was astounding and unforgettable.  I had the rare opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful and historical cities on earth, Florence Italy, for a month and make weekend trips to Rome, Milan, Venice, Cinque Terre, Barcelona, and Paris.  The structure of the tour was so that there was a schedule and planned tours, but you were not obligated to attend all of them.  This was great because there was always something to do if you didn't know what to do, but you also had the freedom to do what you wanted to do.  Vince is incredibly knowledgeable about the cities we toured in Italy and made sure we had fun, but also stayed safe.  We got to "get lost" in every city without truly being lost.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to live in a little flat with the other students in my group.  We would have little homemade "family dinners" that felt like we were living the local life.  At night we enjoyed the nightlife where we met locals and other travelers.  I met two of my best friends on this trip and this experience has shaped and solidified our friendship forever.  I am so happy to have had this life experience and I look back on it so fondly.  This was my first and only introduction to traveling abroad and it was a blast!  I definitely hope to go back some day soon!

Lucia A.

"My trip to Florence was one of the best I've ever taken and is one that has made me realize how much I want to travel and explore new places.  I learned so much and have made friendships that will last a lifetime.  Almost four years have passed and I still want to go back and see all the people I had the pleasure of meeting on my trip.  If I could do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat."

Kristin F.

"Studying abroad in Florence was an experience I'll never forget.  It was my first trip outside of North America and definitely gave me the traveling bug!  If it weren't for Vince organizing everything and making the trip affordable, I wouldn't have been able to study abroad with other expensive programs.  I made memories that I'll never forget and friendships that I still have to this day.  I also gained a new sense of independence and appreciation for learning about different cultures.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and to embrace this life changing experience!"

Tony D.

"Traveling with Vince made for the best trip of my life!  He is just like a local and made every experience feel safe and comfortable.  Living and studying in Florence was incredible, but our weekend trip to Rome was my favorite.  I finally got to visit the Vatican and even see the Pope give mass from his window. Experiencing that was a dream of mine since I was a kid.  I can't wait to go back to Italy and relive the magic."

Jenna Y.

Studying abroad can be intimidating, but not with Vince.  He was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process and created an awesome itinerary for the group.  He arranged visits to nearby towns like Cinque Terre, Venice, Rome, and Lake Como, museum tours, and local wine tasting.  By the end of our trip, I did not want to leave.  If you want a memorable and AUTHENTIC experience, choose Italy Abroad Program.  I will never forget my trip to Firenze!"

Kim T.

I studied abroad with Vince in 2014 and it changed my life.  I had the best experience traveling to different cities, learning the culture and seeing local places that on a normal trip, you wouldn't get to see.  I met friends that I still have four years later and we still talk about the times we shared.  No trip compares to this one and since then I have travelled all around the world.  I highly recommend studying abroad through Vince's program because you get to have an experience of a lifetime and it is something you will never forget!"

Michelle T.

"A month in Italy with Vince is a recipe for an unforgettable experience.  You will look back at this experience as one of the best decisions you ever made for yourself.  So just... GO!"